2718 crore scam in Chhattisgarh in five years of BJP's tenure

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According to a report, about 11 lakh tonnes of rice have been rigged by creating 10 lakh fake ration cards. On arrival of this report, the Economic Offenses Investigation Bureau (EoW) has investigated and filed a case against the then food officers. In this case, it is now being said to investigate afresh. This is so that the people who were involved in this scandal can be identified. So far, the investigation has found that it has been revealed that along with the delivery of rice and other food items to the ration shops, the responsibility of the Directorate and the officers of the district were responsible for its verification. But at present, the government under the leadership of CM Raman Singh, where this scam took place, is under question.

There have been many revelations about the investigation. In the entire five years, more than 10 lakh fake ration cards were produced. Fake because most of the officers who made these ration cards are fake names and addresses. The name is fake and the address is fake, but the ration used to reach these ration card holders on time every month. Now the name on the ration card is fake, but where has the whole ration been raised? Nobody knows this except the government.

Investigation revealed that the breakup of Golmaal started in September 2013. Then the Food Department started making BPL ration cards from scratch in the state. At that time the number of BPL families in the state was 56 lakhs, but it was increased to 72 lakhs, which means 16 lakh additional families were made eligible for PDS rice. While at that time the number of BPL families was 62 lakhs, but the department printed more than 10 lakh cards and on this basis ration rice started coming out. The game ran till December 2016 and during this time more than 11 lakh tonnes of rice were taken out on the basis of so many cards every month.


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