5 secrets that make the Japanese live longer

Food of Japanese

It is rightly said, what you eat you become holds completely true for Japanese people. One of those places is Okinawa in Japan, which is also referred to as the ‘Land of Immortals’ as the average life expectancy here is 81.2 years. They consume lots of fruits and vegetables and what works for them will work for everyone.



Staying active for life.

Walking is the key. Public transport is the most developed and any transport route is almost 20 minutes to walk. This has made them more active than any other peoples on earth. 




Discipline in almost everything.

Japanese people are very disciplined in following their routine and you would not find them wasting their time. They are very busy people and disciplined themselves to utilize time to the fullest. This keeps them healthy as doing your own chores like cleaning the house and other household activities makes them fit. These habits are even taught in schools to small kids and practiced on a daily basis.



Still no large scale Mcdonaldisation

We do not find the fast-food culture still prevalent in japan as they stick to their traditional way. They stick to their sushi and home-cooked meals even restaurants in japan serve fresh food. The diet is basically fish and rice and is practiced religiously.



Green tea the longevity drink

Green tea is healthy but the secret is water consumption through green tea. The green tea is consumed almost at every meal and almost any time of the day. A Japanese can not live without green tea. The water consumed to fill the requirement with water consumption in the body indirectly.





It's not that you have to be a Japanese to live longer all you have to do is to stick to the diet and discipline for longevity.

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