Bad Start Doesn't Always Lead To Bad

I have always heard of starting with the good, leads you to the great.

It is believed, that once started with the good, will always bring good to you, whereas starting with on ebad, with lead you to the worst.

Everyone tries with something good, so that he always recieves good or better.

But sometimes this belief changes.

Starting with the bad, might also lead you to the great.

Can you believe this?

I think most of the people will not, but it is the truth.

There are number of people on this Earth who have made it possible. They started with the bad, and ended up in the good.


The most popular, the most beautiful, the most magnificent, Sunny Leone, she is the one I am talking about.

She wanted to become a celebrity, she wanted people to know her, she wanted fame, she wanted to become popular. She always wanted to become an actress, but because of few reasons, she could not get an opportunity to become one.

And then her bad side came up, she decided to become a pornstar, she is extremely beautiful, with a sexy figure. And this made her one of the biggest and the prettiest pornstars on the internet.


She started getting recognition from people, people started calling her for work, they wanted to sign her.

Slowly she started getting opportunities, which she never got earlier.

Becoming a pornstar was not easy for her, or for anyone, nut situations made her do it.

She became popular after she became a pornstar.

Currently, she is India's most prettiest actress, with a beautiful figure, and she is extremely hardworking, and because of this, she is always engagged in soem of the work.

So people, starting with one bad, will not always lead you to the bad.

The only thing is, you need to start. Just start, and forget about the rest. If you are putting your best in something, you will always recieve the greatest.

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