Basic workouts to do at home



Starting position: Lie down on the yoga mat or floor and bring your feet together

Pull up your arms while keeping a straight neck and head balanced with your spine. Think of moving the floor away from you for extra energy. Don't encourage your low back to drop or your hips to climb up. Continue pressing until the arms are fully extended to the elbows



Starting position:  Lie in a sitting position on a mat with your knees bent, your legs flat on the floor and the heels 12-18 "from your tailbone

Place your hands behind your back, push you're upper back together and draw your chest up without arching your lower back. This location of the elbow should be retained throughout the exercise. Align the forehead with the spine, but allow it to shift into a slight tightness (moving the chin towards the chest) during the upward phase of the exercise.


Starting position: Lie down (on your stomach) on the exercise mat with your elbows close to your side and under your arms, your palms down and your hands facing forward. Force your calf muscle to stretch your legs and flex your ankles (pull your feet towards your shines). Force the stomach and abdominal muscles to stiffen that torso.

Slowly raise your whole body off the floor or mat, leaving your back and legs straight. Stop bending in your lower back, walking (upward)in your thighs, or folding in your knees. Stop shrugging your shoulder and holding your arms straight above your elbows with your palms facing down. Continue to breathe while maintaining this position for a specified time (5 seconds)



Starting position: Lie flat (on your stomach) on the exercise mat with your hands on your arms, placed directly under your shoulders with your head facing forward. Extend your legs and flexion to your ankles (toes point away from the body)

Upward Phase: Gently breathe and press your hips to the mat and raise your chest away from the ground while holding your hips steady. This will arch your lower back and stretch your chest and abdominal muscles. Keep the position for 15-30 seconds.

Downward Phase: Gently relax and lower your upper body to rest on the mat or floor




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