Can Living Together Make Someone Love

Does living together means you are in love with the one you are living with.

Is it true? cabcde34a534d557c93b2bfdba4ffc83-480.jpg

I once heard from my aunt, that arrange marriages are the best, since you need not to find anybody, and your family finds the best for you and gives you.7818a78395391d9b5d94010083560031-480.jpg

So my elder sister questioned her, that how will they fall in love? Then my aunt's answer was unbelievable, she just said that, living together will make one fall for the other.


What do you think, is it true?

Does this really happens?

According to me, it does not. Love is deep, it just cannot come in between just by living together.

Living together is not a sign of love.

Sometimes its different.

Do write your opinions below.

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