Facebook is planning to show results from Wikipedia in its search box

Soon Facebook is going launch the new feature in which you can search any result from search bar and Facebook will show results from Wikipedia. The searches can be anything like favorite stars, places and your interests etc. Soon Facebook is going to attach Wikipedia Powered knowledge box in its platform.

The main aim of this feature is to lets its users find anything from the same platform. Facebook do not want to let their users to go outside on any other platform like google Wikipedia etc. Facebook has confirmed that this feature will be available for desktop, mobile web and iOS. It is same as Google shows results from Wikipedia at the right side of the searches in the knowledge box.

Like Google Facebook will show results from its normal search bar at the top of the Platform, for example if your trying to search Jaipur, A knowledge box at the right side will show the results from Wikipedia. This feature is in development stage as Facebook is testing this feature. We may be get some additional information of this feature at the time of launch till than we will have to wait for this.

Like any other feature's limitation this feature is also has a limitation. After upgrading this feature Facebook will have to rely only on Wikipedia but its competitor like Google shows result from the vast amount of websites available on the internet. Google shows results from YouTube, LinkedIn, and from the latest websites.

But for the beginner this feature is definitely very helpful as the new user will no need to go outside from Facebook for any search. This feature will increase the competition between Facebook and Google because Google is the most visited search engine today, We take help of Google for almost everything. Google is always have solution for the particular problem.

Lets see what will happen by this Facebook new Feature.

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