Gorgeous Beauty Ramya Pandiyan stills for you

Ramya Pandian is an south Indian actress who appears in Tamil (kollywood) language films. She made her film debut in Tamil short film 'Maane Theyne Ponmaane'.Image

She then acted in films like 'Koondhalum Meesaiyum', 'Dummy Tappasu' and 'Joker'.Recently ramya pandian photos viral in social media.Image

Ramya pandian said "there was no planning that went into this shoot. It’s just a simple sari I’m wearing. I was a little chubby before and I’ve lost weight now. So, when you feel fit, you feel a certain confidence in carrying off any outfit.Image

I’ve been doing shoots, and if you look at my Instagram, you’ll see that I’ve tried out various looks. But these questions are cropping up now...because the photos have suddenly gone viral".

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Abhi kumar - Feb 3, 2020, 3:41 AM - Add Reply

Plz tell us how can add photo between article content

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