How to follow a high protein diet plan with Indian meals


What does a healthy diet bring you bland, steamed food, boring salads to your mind? Well, there is a common misconception of Indian food being unhealthy and not for the health conscious!


Well, think again! Well, carbohydrates are an enemy when you are trying to lose weight, but well Indian food doesn't always have to be carbohydrates rich in your food! The easy alternative would be to infuse proteins into your diet.


A diet that supplies 50 or 60% more nutrients to the body is classified as a high protein diet. The protein source constitutes of foods which may include meats, chicken, fish, cheese, dals, sprouts and pulses.


Be it a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you can always find a lot of options that you can juggle about. Try to eliminate trans fats and refined vegetable oils from your daily diet, ingredients like desi ghee and olive oil can spike up your nutrition value. And, never forget the bowl of yoghurt and almonds.


Yes, I myself am a big fan of potatoes in my diet and find it difficult to stay away from them! Paneer can be a very good alternative and don't forget the king of protein 'rajma' as well! Stir fry it with vegetables and don't deep fry them so as to retain their nutrition value.

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