How To Make Khula- Khula Chawal?

Making rice is extremely easy, but the khula khula rice is beauty with taste.

We don't want to eat rice cake, but proper rice, but sometimes when we add extra water, we end up getting to eat rice cake.

So lets now be ready to cook the perfect khula Khula chawal rice.


Take 1 cup of rice.

Rinse it with water.

Heat the cooker, and add 1.5 cup of water in it.

Now add the rice in the cooker.

Now Squeeze some drops of lemon in your rice, and a pinch of salt.

Close the lid, and Let it give you 2 whistles.

Close the flame after 2 whistles.

Let it cool down.

After it is cool down, open the lid, and you will find the beautiul Khula Khula chawal rice, inside the cooker, waiting for you to eat.

Serve with dal, sabji.

Enjoy Your Meal

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