In 2020 new way of earning money from Quora

 I almost complete 2 years as an active user on Quora and I love to answer different types of questions on Quora. People who donot know about Quora, I tell you about this. Quora is Platform where you can ask any types of question and you will get the answer from different experts who are active as a user on Quora and If you are an expert of a particular subject you can give answers to Quora's users.

 Quora is an international website where you can ask of give answer of any types of questions. It is founded by Facebook's former employee Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever in June 2009.


How to earn money by this:- Previously there no money making program was present on this platform but now you can money by asking different types of questions on Quora. You can earn by asking as many as questions as you want. From Quora You will earn in dollars and for getting money in you bank you will have to make a PayPal account and register their details on Quora.


One thing you must know about this money program of Quora that its not a simple method of just like registering on Quora and earn money. You have to make account on Quora and start asking questions on daily basis if Quora find that you are asking questions in a consistent manner and you are a daily active user than Quora invites you to join Quora partner program than you can earn money by this platform.


This is the first method by which you can directly earn money from Quora another way is also present to earn money from Quora which is a indirect method. If you are a blogger or you are running your personal website than you can generate traffic from Quora by answering question. When you answer a question on Quora you can leave you website link over their so you can transfer your Quora traffic to your Personal website. That's why it's a indirect method.


Right know Quora is very popular for asking any types of question and it is popular in India too. Hope It would be better in the near future too.



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