India gained such power amidst Corona epidemic, neighbouring China and Pakistan shocked

Amid the corona virus epidemic, the Indian Army has overtaken neighbouring country China in terms of infantry. China has now reached number three on the list of foot soldiers. At number two is North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's army. On two fronts, the number of Indian foot soldiers facing danger has increased to 12 lakh 40 thousand. According to the report of the Ministry of Defense of Japan, the number of soldiers of North Korea has reached 1.1 million and the number of soldiers of China has reached 9.8 million. China is making massive improvements these days to make its army more deadly.


India has considerable influence in Asia


The report says that India, with a population of 1.3 billion, has a significant influence in South Asia. India's strategic position is extremely important as it is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


India connects the trade route connecting Asia and the Pacific Sea. India has strengthened its position in this field and the world is looking towards it with hopeful eyes. India is modernizing its military. For this, he is buying arms from America to Russia.


China reduced by 3 lakh soldiers


China has implemented a theater command framework for the military. Under this, 3 lakh soldiers have been reduced. China has now divided its army into 5 theaters. The Chinese Army has also formed Rocket Force, Strategic Support Force, Logistic Support Force. Its objective is to make China's army the most powerful army in the 21st century. The report said that China is rapidly improving in terms of both number and quality. China's focus is currently on nuclear weapons, missiles, navy and airforce.

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