Is First Love The Last?

I always thought that falling in love only occurs once in the entire life.

Until I myself fell in love. When I fell in love, I thought it to be the last. I thought that I have found the best beloved on this planet. I thought he is the best man, and felt so proud on myself, that he is mine.


I was so much in love, that I didn't understood one thing. One thing, that was so disturbing to now, that I cannot believe.


I was in so much love, that I wanted to do everything for him, which can make him mine, and love me more. I wanted to be on his side forever. I wanted to talk to him, I wanted to go for a walk with him, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.


But it was not both sided, only i felt that way. He never appreciated my efforts, he never made any made any effort to be with me. It was difficult for me to even get in 5 minutes in an entire day. Earlier I thought, that he is extremely busy because of the work, so I never paid any attention to it.


One day, on his birthday, I wanted to surprise him. I went to his office with a bouquet of flowers and a heart shaped chocolate cake. Since he told me that he will be busy in office whole day, and he cannot meet me on his birthday, I went to his office. But when I reached his office, he was not there. I asked one of his mates, and he told me that he was on 5 day leave


This was shocking for me, because, I talked to him everyday though It was only for few minutes. I immediately called him, he picked my call. I asked him, where he was, and he replied "In Office Baby".

I was broken. I couldn't utter any word. I just hung up the call. What do you think, did he called me back?

No, he didn't.


From that day I didn't nor neither did he.


That was the silent end to the relation.


What do you think It was?

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