Jungle Fowl and the history of domestication of chicken

The Jungle Fowl

The studies were carried out on 863 genomes and the DNA sequencing showed the first domestication occurred in southwestern China, Myanmar, and Northern Thailand. All four species of genus Gallus, various domestic chicken breed of world and 5 subspecies of Red Jungle Fowl genome was sequenced in the study. The results showed that single domestication Gallus Spaceidious of Red Jungle Fowl. It also revealed that all five Red Jungle Fowl sub-species were differentiated from each other over 50000 years ago much earlier before domestication. The results were in contradiction to earlier claim that chickens were domesticated in northern China and Indus Valley.

Chicken Domestication

The domestication of chicken has been the question of debate for scientists for centuries. According to Charles Darwin postulates chicken was domesticated 4,000 B.C. from a single ancestry of Red Jungle Fowl in Indus Valley. Earlier studies of Uppsala University claimed that the Grey Jungle Fowl contributed to chicken domestication. A couple of studies from India, China, and other South-Asian countries have argued the monophyletic origin of countries.


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