Lets Make Idli In Simple Steps

Take 100gm of Sooji in a bowl.

Add 1 cup of water, so that the batter has medium consistency.

Add 2 spoon of curd in the batter.

Mix It well.

Add salt according to your taste.

Now heat the oven, or the idli maker.

Now apply a drop of oil on all the idli maker.

Now just before putting the batter on the idli maker, add Eno in the batter, and mix well.

Now put the batter on the idli maker.

Cover the lid.

After few minutes check the idlis.

We can check it by using a toothpick, if we insert the toothpick in the idli, and the toothpick does not stick any batter on it, then  that means the idli is ready.

Now turn off the flame, and let he idli maker cool down.

After it cools downs, take the idlis out, and serve with the coconut chutney.


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