Lets Make Maggie Differently!

Hey! I Know you must be thinking what is so diiferent in making maggie?

But the thing is everybody makes something differently, And everybody has its own value of taste.

I like maggie making it in my ways.

So lets know, how I make It-

Heat the pan, add the water according to the amount of maggie, heat it till boil.

After it, add the maggie masala, mix it well in the water.

Now add the maggie.

Stir it.

You can add the veggies you like, carrot, peas.

Now add masala-e-magic into yor maggie, it will add extra flavours to your maggie.

Add some turmeric for the better colour.

Add some salt according to the taste.

Add soem green chillies according to your taste.

Now stir everything well.

Serve on the plate.

And the last step is adding some Paneer on the maggie.

Trust me, the taste will create magic.

Try It.

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Rahul - Jan 16, 2020, 12:53 PM - Add Reply


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