Complaint with ASCI against Lifebuoy hand sanitizer increases immunity.

Recently there was a lot of hue and cry over the launch of Patanjali’s Coronil in India.

But it has finally been launched as an “immunity booster” kit for COVID-19.

Here's another product, widely sold as “immunity booster” untill an RTI activist pin pointed on the wrong marketing of Hindustan Unilever and called out for fooling Indian consumers.

It was being more rigorously marketed after the spread of COVID-19. An “immunity boosting” Hand sanitizer.

But one keen person brought the wrong marketing by a huge MNC to a hault. Here's his tweet.


After this tweet ASCI intervened. ASCI is Advertising Standards Council of India.


Source: Twitter Vivek Pandey

  • And after this intervention by ASCI, this misleading “Immunity boosting hand sanitizer” is removed from its official website too.

I wrote this answer because a li'l keen mindedness of one of us has made a huge MNC to stepback from wrong marketing strategy & misleading millions of Indians. This step is a hopeful and an eye opening li'l event.

There are uncountable products sold by Hindustan Unilever in India. And yes, only its name is Indian.

Hindustan Unilever is a British-Dutch MNC.

Coming to the Swadeshi brand of Bharat, Patanjali.

A lot of nuisance was created on the ayurvedic Coronil even before its launch. Even before the kit proved its efficiency. It was brutally bashed. Why?

  • Both of these companies, marketed a product related to COVID-19. I AM NOT COMPARING SANITIZER AND MEDICINE HERE.
  • The Unilever sanitizer was launched a long before COVID-19 but was marketed as “immunity booster” during this pandemic. Fair?

But the backlash faced by patanjali was severe even before the consumers' review.

I am not in favor of any of the brands here. Obviously, a company needs to run on profit but in no way should mislead its customers. We on a large scale in India, do not seek the consumer rights provided to us. Many of us still do not know about the consumer rights.

This incident made me re-think and analyse that how easily we trust a multi-million foreign brand & how easily a “swadeshi company” is harshly bashed for it's marketing.

  • Let us stop bashing just because “it is swadeshi.”
  • Let's stop wooing because it is an international brand. (These brands mostly makes sub-standard products in India)

Choose wisely. Opt for the products which are good for you, it doesn't matter if it is an Indian or an international brand. You should get the standardised products and value for your money.

And speak up against any malpractices. Complain under the consumer rights.

Every small step, every voice matters.

Jaago grahak jaago. 💡🔅🔆😊

Edit1– People in the comments have completely missed out on the last point of my answer. You all are stuck with only patanjali and its claims. For better understanding, watch the detailed step by step information given by them. Do not follow an extreme right or extreme left wing news.

And yes, every company focuses on its profit. Patanjali will too.

If one brand capitalises on religious sentiments or nationalism, others capitalise on your emotions, relationships, bondings, weaknesses, insecurities and what not. Both are unfair. So just try to keep a neutral perspective.

Thirdly, the claims made for Coronil-- since, this strain of coronavirus is first of its kind. Nobody knows the exact remedy till now. It was taken down as cure, and then launched as “immunity booster.”

  • But the judgements were given by the multi-million drug companies and people before it could prove its efficiency or inefficiency. Maybe patanjali's lab studied it on corona patients, maybe it was rejected due to pressure from big companies, or maybe it was just another money making gimmick from patanjali. Who knows?

But it is renamed and launched, so it confirms that the remedy is not harmful and safe for ingestion. Obviously it was tested beforehand on govt standardisation & then announced.

The sole point here was, the level of awareness/wrath people have for Indian manufacturers, swadeshi products cashing on sentiments should also be equally aware and call out their idol celebrities and big MNCs for selling them products with fake claims.

  • Call out for selling you carcinogenic chemicals in the name of natural.
  • Call out for selling you brown sugar in the name of health drinks.
  • Call out for selling and promoting tobacco and alcohol by big celebrities to the young generation.
  • Also do not keep a closed eye on wrong marketing of any comapany. Be it Indian or international.
  • Now imagine an “immunity boosting” hand sanitizer from Patanjali. Yes! You are already bashing it in your mind now. Lol ! That's the difference I was talking about.

Keep a broader horizon. And as a consumer, focus solely on value for money, stay keen about wrong marketing and know your consumer rights. Do not rage or glee unnecessarily over a brand.

This post is only about basic consumer awareness.

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