Loyality of dogs


Loyality is just nature behavior for dogs

as they are pack animals means social animals which are kind hearted and prefer company of other animals

as social animals refers to being or company to others it may be in form of





the word social animal also refers to emotion,intilligent, values and others

Dog and his owner

the most loyal dog breed as I came to know I might be wrong but still I have come across with some people reviews

First us

Pug (breed)

Pug dog breed

Pug dog as I asked many of my friends and relatives and some people who adopt the pug dog came with same answer that this dog is just like human with love company emotion and love towards owner and Loyality

Next comes

Dober man

Doberman dog

Doberman people had reviewed that it acts like we do and have loyal towards owner and protect their owner

Next is boxer


boxer with full energy and kind-hearted and naughty and trusted dog

Still there are dogs like

german Shepherd

German Shepard


Dogs really love their owner even scientifically had proven

Even I had Somany memories in childhood as I was feeding small snack to dog it use to be loyal it loves to come near me and shake his tail just wanna hug me even I tried to adopt small pet but unfortunately as my parents refused Still my father permitted to adopt so I adopted

I still remember I adopted a Small dog where I took care of him and one night it was raining heavy thunder stroms I heard weird sounds hearing from him it melted my heart so I took him inside my home and took care of him I still remember those days whenever I see him he just smiles and jumps on me and shows his loyal and love

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