Make 4 special sweets for Navratri fast

It is a very famous sweet of Bengal, which is called Rasmalai.  It is made on special festivals and Navratri.  You can also say this dessert on Navratri fast.  Which is really very tasty.

 You can also make this dessert at home on Navratri fast.  Who is able to eat on fast.  The name of this dessert is "Paneer Laddoo" which is definitely made for special festivals in the market.

 You can also make this dessert at home to offer mother's bhog or fasting on Navratri.  Laddus made from coconut is very tasty to eat.

 Most of the people eat sago pudding in the fast.  You can also offer Kheer made of sago seeds to the queen on this Navratri.  Also you can make it special on fast.

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