MeToo : Neha Bhasin Calls Anu Malik as Sexual Predator


Bollywood Singer and Composer Anu Malik seems to be not getting out of problems. During the MeToo movement, many women were accused of misconduct by Anu Malik. Now once again Anu Malik is facing serious allegations. Due to which Singer can once again be removed from Indian Idol as a judge.

Last year, Anu Malik was accused of sexual harassment under the MeToo movement. After which he was removed from the judge's chair in Indian Idol. But this year Anu Malik has again returned as a judge in Indian Idol. However, the makers were severely criticized for bringing Singer back. Now once again, Anu Malik has been charged under MeToo. Since then, Anu Malik's judge's chair is under threat.


Sources say that Anu Malik may be shown a way out of the show in the next few weeks. However, this information received from the sources was not confirmed yet. Let you know, Bollywood Singer Neha Bhasin has accused Anu Malik of MeToo recently.


Recently, Singer Sona Mohapatra said in the tweet on Anu Malik's return to Indian Idol that after a year the sexual harraser has once again sat in the same seat. Singer Neha Bhasin said in response to Sona's tweet, 'I agree with you. We live in a highly sexist society. Anu Malik is a predator. I too ran away at the age of 21 after seeing his strange antics. He was talking about my eyes lying on the couch in front of me. I then quickly ran away from there.

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