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We should thank god for being perfectly born. People become lazy and waste their life on drugs and gambling. Such people become homeless in many cases and never able to get out of it. But there are some examples that will blow up your mind and make you feel more powerful inside. Yes my friends these are examples of some people who are disabled and never gave up. The following are the examples of some Bodybuilders who have really done what seems impossible even for normal people.

Nino Savona

This guy used to walk on crutches and is a miracle man for every human being. This magician bodybuilder never did any exercise in a sitting position he always preferred to stand up and do it. He would train hard every day and would try harder than the previous day. One day he threw his crutches and ran on a treadmill faster like nothing else mattered. This magic isn't it friends.


Anand Arnold

This is claimed to be the first disabled bodybuilder of India. At the age of 15, he was diagnosed with cancer in his lower spinal cord and surgery left him paralyzed. Before that when he was 13 he already had won bodybuilding title. The motivation here is he never stopped for any problem not even the fear of death. This is the power of motivation. Doesn't that make you proud to be an Indian?


Aryan Pasha

First transgender among Indians who became a bodybuilder. What kind of motivation might it be for one of the most neglected parts of our society who recently got recognition in the form of an amendment to article 377? Transgenders have witnessed one of the worst types of treatment by society but here you see a stronger version of them.


There are many such examples and what you need more than this. Even though they had disabilities or any problems related to their gender swallowing the neglect of society and producing a tough armor to fight the psychological disability. So people get up and do not give up as there is always a way to live your life with dignity.

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