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News that shocked the bollywood Shushant Rajput.




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The statement of the mumbai police has come about the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput. DCP Abhishek Triehq has told news agency ene that death was clearly due to the hanging, but only after the police received the post-mortem report could lead to his death. So far, we have not found any doubtful thing.Acter Sushant Singh Rajput this world said good bye to him. At the age of 34 he committed suicide. After this news, a wave of mourning has gone on in the entire industry. Bad news is unfolding one after the other for the cinema world. The visit of Sushant Singh Rajput after Irfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor and Wajid Khan is a big setback for an interdry. Bollywood celebs are stunned and are expressing their sensitiveness. Shah rukh khan said, "he loved me very much, Shah Rukh Khan is too shocked by the departure of sushant. He wrote, 'he loved me very much. I will miss him a lot. Her energy, enthusiasm and magnificent smile. May Allah peace their soul My condolences are to those near and dear ones. This is very sad feeling... And so shocking! In addition to Shah Rukh, Randeep hooda also paid tribute by tweeting.The news of the demise of sushant was tragic by Ajay Devan. The news of the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, he wrote, is very tragic. It is a very tragic loss. He has deep condolences to his family and dear ones. May his soul rest in peace. While Ritesh Deshmukh writes, I have no words. Sushant Singh is no more a Rajput. I felt very sad.· Sushant singh rajput committed suicide on Sunday (14th June) by hanging himself in his apartment in bandra. Sushant 's suicide has not been a cause, but according to the mumbai police sources, his flat has got some medicines, making him feel he had been treating depression for the past few months. Tell sumit that the news was coming the last call was made a call to his friend and akber mahesh shetty. Mahesh shetty and sushant both TV shows have worked together in holy relation. According to the reports of the ping moon, sushant had called mahesh at 1.51 in the morning. Sushant went to sleep when mahesh did not pick up the call. Mahesh told that when he got up in the morning he called sushant at 8.30. But sushant did not pick up the phone. Mahesh thought sushant would take a call later. But after that mahesh got the news of sushant. As per reports police told mahesha that sushant had called him at 9.30 am but call did not go to his no. - Sushant 's post mortem report has been generated The report says that Sushant has been stabbed to death. After the post mortem sushant 's organs have been sent for examination.

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