Perhaps Turkey had no idea of the strength of India, now it might face some trouble

Friends, as you all know, the Kashmir issue is very old, although this issue is going on between India and Pakistan, but India does not want any other country of the world to intervene on this issue. Significantly, Turkey has started interfering in India's Kashmir case. Pakistan, Malaysia and Pakistan are seen to be standing together. Earlier Mahathir Mohammed has aslo criticised India about this Kashmir issue


However, a few days ago, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan commented on the Kashmir issue, saying that the Kashmir issue is as important for Pakistan as it was for India, and after this statement for Turkey, India also expressed strong opposition.


Let me tell you that the President of Turkey had expressed concern over the situation in Kashmir in the recent visit to Pakistan. And compared the struggle of the Kashmiris to the struggle of the Turkish people during the First World War.


At the moment, it was costly for Turkey to intervene in the Kashmir issue, which shows that perhaps Turkey was not aware of India's strength. At present, due to Turkey's anti-India stance, the Modi government can also take other strict steps. Diplomatic sources say India may also pull back from a $ 2.3 billion deal with Turkish company TAIS. Explain that under this deal, the Turkish company is going to help Hindustan Shipyard Limited to build five ships for the Indian Navy. TAIS was entrusted with the responsibility of designing the ships, providing technical support and supplying the equipment required for the project.

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