Some of the recent scientific discoveries

Scientific findings are the key to understanding the past, make the present human more knowledge, and making future inventions or predictions. These are some of the findings:


Gulf of Mannar is home to the rare red scorpion bandwagon fish:

Scientists at the Kochi-based Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) have found a rare species of bandtail scorpionfish which can change its color and carries stinging venomous spines. The CMFRI stated that the fish was spotted along the Sethukarai coast in the Gulf of Mannar. It has been handed over to the institute's National Marine Biodiversity Museum for further studies.


246 million old 2nd oldest Fossil of pregnant Ichthyosaur found:

The fossil of an ichthyosaur was discovered in Nevada by German paleontologist Martin Sander, with evidence the extinct marine reptile was pregnant when it died. Reconstructed bones of the ichthyosaur are to be 12-foot long, while smaller vertebrae in her trunk region indicated that it had at least three fetuses. The pregnant Ichthyosaur fossil is 246-million-year-old and is the second-oldest pregnant specimen until now.


Dinosaur fossils that had limbs like bird found in Argentina: 

Astronomers discovered an Earth-like exoplanet orbiting a Sun-like star, about 3,000 light-years away. The 'KOI-456.04', which is 2 times smaller than the earth size, orbits 'Kepler-160' at a distance similar to that between Earth and Sun and within the habitable zone. The amount and type of light that it gets from its star is similar to what Earth gets from our sun.


Last meal of fossilized dinosaur discovered:

Paleontologists claim to have found fossils of a new dinosaur species, that lived 90 million years ago, in Patagonia, Argentina. The fossil remains are less than a meter and a half long and belong to a new species of carnivorous Paraves theropod that has been named Overoraptor chimentoi. The species had upper limbs similar to modern birds, a researcher said.

                                      These are some of the scientific discoveries which seemed interesting to me as they are always useful for finding the missing links in studies and research. I hope you like it please like, share, and review my article.

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