These lies related to the brain, which you have been thinking till date


01. It is said about the brain that only 10% of it works, whereas it is not. Through PET and fMRI scan test, we can find out about this truth.

02. It is said that increasing age also affects the brain, but the truth is that mental skills get better with age. Human understanding is further strengthened at the level of vocabulary, language, understanding, dispute resolution ability and emotions.


03. It is believed and said that whenever brain damage occurs, it can never be healthy. But the healthy part of the brain develops new ones in place of old damage connections.

04. Another rumor related to the brain is that the left side of the brain of the disciplined and the right part of the creative people is useful, but this is a lie because both parts of the human brain work together.


05. It is said that children are smarter by listening to classical music, but so far no evidence or research has been done in science that listening to classical songs makes children smarter.

06. Save brain games in childhood, so that their brain and memory capacity can grow rapidly, but BBC asked 8,600 people between 18 and 60 years old to play brain games and after 6 weeks of experimentation It was revealed that there was no use in memory.


07. It is generally said that the brain works better in pressure, but this is not the case at all, rather it proves the performance of the brain much worse.

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