Things to consider before starting a workout

These days, many incidents of death are being heard while exercising in the gym or running on the treadmill. In such a situation, we are telling you about some important precautions that you can take care of and make your workout session safe and healthy yourself.


Last month, a 24-year-old software engineer was running on a treadmill in a society gym located in Noida's Sector 76. During this, he suddenly fell in a dizzy spell and died shortly after. According to doctors, the young man died due to a heart attack. This is not the first case of death due to a heart attack while running on the treadmill. Earlier in 2013, the famous actor of TV and films, Abir Goswami, also died while running on the treadmill in the gym. He also had a sudden heart attack while doing the treadmill and died before reaching the hospital.

Can running on a treadmill be fatal?

So why is the exercise, going to the gym, doing workouts, running on the treadmill … all these are a risk of a heart attack? These days, a large number of doctors and health experts advise people to exercise, do physical activity. In such a situation, these questions must also come to your mind after hearing about these events, whether exercising can prove fatal for you. No, it is not so. Just while exercising you should take care of some important things.


Do a physical checkup

Senior surgeon Dr. VP Singh says, before joining the gym, you must get your physical checkup done so that you know if you have any disease. Sometimes the disease is developing inside but we do not know. In such a situation, if you know that you have some kind of disease, then do the exercise only after consulting the expert.

Warmup and stretching is necessary

Before starting the gym, do warm-up by doing light running and stretching on the treadmill. This makes your body ready for the gym. Do not start doing heavy workouts as soon as you reach the gym. Slowly increase your speed.


Avoid going to the gym at night

Physicians say that during the night our body remains tired. So avoid going to the gym at such a time and if you go, you should spend less time in the gym. Also, taking protein powder containing steroids also increases the risk of death manifold.

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