Top 5 interesting facts about Olympics

#1: In South Korea, men who win Olympic medals do not have to participate in the two year long mandatory military services.

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#2: An Ethiopian Olympic runner couldn't find a comfortable pair of shoes, so he run 1960 Olympic marathon in Rome barefoot, finished first, and set a new world record.

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#3: The marathon of 1904 has many bizarre events, some of them are one is dived in the finishing line, another one is chased by the dogs to boost his speed, third one is ate rat poison as the stimulant to run faster.

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#4: Usain bolt ate 100 chicken McNuggets a day for 10 days before the Beijing's Olympics and he eventually wins 3 Gold medal that year.

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#5: The largest stadium in the world is in North Korea and has the capacity of 1,50,000. It was purely to outdo the South Korean's Seoul Olympic Stadium which has a 70,000 capacity.

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