Top 6 interesting facts about vegetables

#1: There is an orchestra uses the vegetable as their instrument that is fully made of vegetables, after the show they uses those vegetables for their soup.

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#2: The country called Alaska, has the vegetable that grow gigantically because they receive more than 15 hours of sunlight each day.

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#3: Raising plant not only leads the healthier life but also the happier life this can be proved though the research. Because this one is equivalent to what the people experienced as the move from unemployed state to employment.

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#4: In the world of botany, there is no specific term vegetables. It is a culinary term, so there are no plants that are actually classified as the vegetables.

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#5: The orange of carrot is the result of Dutch cultivation in 17th century, when patriotic growers turns a vegetable which was then purple into the color of their national flag. That's the reason for carrot's orange color.

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#6:China produced over half of the World's vegetables, this one include more than 15 times of output of the United States. 

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