Top three ways to gift your household associates

Do you think of all those people who work hard to make a smooth day for you daily?Do you think of all those people who work hard to make a smooth day for you daily? Your maid, security guard, liftman or driver and other people serve you throughout the day. You can gift something to them expressing your gratitude. Gift of knowledge is very precious and you can give them a helping hand suggesting various financial tips. If you impart financial wisdom to them, years later, they will have enough money to buy some physical gifts for themselves. No doubt, by gifting them financial knowledge, you are helping them to open a way for a secured future. You can follow these three tips to give a very precious and lifetime gift to them.

1. Teach them the importance of the small saving and minimum investing to support their life, health and education.

2. Use simple figures showing them how their money can multiply.

3. Encourage them to open a bank account nearby at least.

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