What are Steroids Are Good For You ?

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Ever wonder why the males are almost always a lot more muscular compared to females? Why can a male naturally be 200 pounds of muscle, however, a female won't ever in a natural way reach that level of muscularity? Simply put, the males naturally generate a hormone identified as testosterone. You have most probably heard about it. Testosterone is precisely what makes a man so masculine. It's what causes his deep voice, body hair, facial hair, strength, and what we think of as male instincts. It's what causes the males to dictate over females, in human social settings, as well as in nature.

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A performance-enhancing anabolic steroid is, in fact, synthetic testosterone or other synthesized hormones that are in fact a lot more anabolic when compared to testosterone. A number of steroids are not even obtainable from nature. Such steroids come with several dangerous negative effects and a wide range of health risks later on in life.

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