Where to find Genuine or Legit online Jobs?

Hi, This is Paul Kavin. In this article, I'm gonna share about How to find genuine online jobs.
At first, If you had a question that Is making money on Online is POSSIBLE. The answer is 'Yes' Possible
You can earn a passive income. I had a year of experience in these online jobs. If you make a search on Google just like this keyword 'Online Data Entry Jobs' you'll find a lot of wonderful cheating sites. Among Online Jobs there are 90% of people are cheating or scam. They ask you for money for registration, training and bla bla bla. Trust me, there are several sites you can make real money online without any charge of the money. 
I packed this article with many useful pieces of information read well. In the end, you can able to knew how to find the Legit or Genuine Paying Online Jobs.
1. How several Sites are Cheating
2. Finding Genuine Online Jobs
2.1 Using of Right Keywords
2.2 Types Of Jobs
3. Research It
4. Conclusion
1. How Several Online Job Sites are Cheating 
Some Online  Jobs Sites are making scam by they ask you money for registration don't trust that type of website and some websites asking pay money for Training and some tell pay a refundable deposit amount. Don't trust that type of websites. But few websites who are asking money for training are genuine but unfortunately only a few, I just heard of that. 
2. Finding a Genuine Online Jobs 
You can find genuine or legit online jobs on my blog by following posts those I had a personal experience of it.
    2.1 Using of Right  Keywords
                        I also said previously If you search for "Online Data Entry Jobs" many scam websites
Are listed first. Because they made their SEO settings like that to show on the top results for your search.
The keyword is very important while searching for an online job. You can come to know what keywords can be used.
    2.2 Types of Online Jobs
    • Freelancing - needs some skill, For instance, If you know Graphic  Designing you  can request for that related jobs
    • Sell Online Course - if you know something you can make a video of it and sell it udemy, unacademy like websites.
    • Sell Your photos - you can earn by selling your awesome captured pictures by smartphone or DSLR.
    • Microworks - These need no skill and it is very easy to earn money. In this there are such tasks like Watch the YouTube video, like the video, share it. If you finished it and submitted the proof will be given a pay.
    • Transcription - It is not at all easy, but you are very well Fluent in  English in all accents it will be easy. Here we have to convert Voice into text. But many of them are taking employee with eligibility test. 
    • Typing Job - Here in this many scams are going. There are several sites are genuine like BPO Mart, Get Paid To 
    • Website Testing -  review websites of  Companies.
    • Create Video Content - Having your own content?  Create that as video content and publish to video streaming platform like YouTube.
    • Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate marketing is the process of helping another website to sell their products or services via special affiliate links. When you sign up for a company’s affiliate platform, you’ll receive your unique link or links, that will earn you a commission every time a user clicks on them (or buys something after clicking).
    • Take Surveys - There are may survey that pay you for your opinions. You can some huge money this also. But surveys are focussed specific people like Demographic, Age Groups, Work. If your answer is not applicable for their the survey will be disqualified. 
    • Blogging - If you had original content and can earn money through by creating a simple niche website and posting your things. For this you also have to learn What is SEO, Digital Marketing, Indexing, Crawling etc.
    • Reselling - You can earn huge money in Reselling.
    • Voice - Over- If you have good vocal skills, you can earn money through.

  • Captcha Typing - This needs patience you can earn only $1 to $3 for 1000 Captcha  
  • Sell Your Products - If you had your own products to sell it through Amazon, Flipkart like e-commerce sites. And also you can sell your old products through Olx, Quickr like websites
There some few sites are I ain't mentioned because I didn't have the experience of it like Translator, Virtual Assistant Etc. 
Now come to the 'Using of right  Keywords' above, I mentioned 15 types of Job Categories. Search the category which is best for you. For instance, search like "What are the Micro Works sites" this is a more efficient way to find a Genuine Job and it is Incomplete.  If you haven't researched it means.
Research It:
      After finding any websites which you got from the result for the search in the category. Research it.
  • How to do Research:
                          Simple by google, search for that website review. If you find a website called timebucks.com google it for Timebucks.com review or Is Timebucks is legit. 
But few sites may not have a review of such sites you can make comments for this post. I will reply is that Legit or Scam 
        With the help of this article, you could find the Genuine Online Jobs and don't forget to follow our site with your email. I will post tips and tricks for that online Jobs.

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